Official statement of State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine.Today, when Russia spreads terror in Ukraine and escalades threats to all civilized countries, we appeal to the world travel industry, asking for your action.It is time to protect your citizens and stop all travels to Russia from your countries.It is time to protect your citizens and ban Russians from travelling to Your countries.We appeal to all travel media, all air, sea and ground carrier companies, all online markerplaces –, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and others – with wake-up call: switch off Your activities in/with Russia, ban and suspend all Russian profiles, cut off the cooperation.All business in Russia pays taxes which Putin uses to build lethal weapons.Today it kills Ukrainians and destroys their homes.Today Russia decides to threat the whole world with nuclear weapon.Today You should think about tomorrow and prevent Russia from crossing the red lines.We thank all international partners for help and keep on fighting Russian terror.